Relief as Glasgow Subway Closes for a Month

COMMUTERS celebrated today after Glasgow’s underground network closed for a whole month, it has been revealed.

Dafty News spoke to users of the famous underground network where we were met with joy and jubilation…but some were still in the dark.

Cathy Hargate from the city centre said: “It’s been a long time coming. We, as commuters, need a break from this notorious subway. It’s just a pity it’s only for a month but we are going to enjoy not having to endure this awful morning and evening commute. It’s like school holidays for adults.”

Julia from Partick in Glasgow offered her long statement with a resounding: “Thank fuck!”

It is understood the closure will allow the transport industry to come back even stronger and offer the public and even more lacklustre and mediocre service and charge extortionate prices.


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