Rumours of royal rift gather momentum as Prince Andrew hurls potato into Charles’ gravy

by Danny SoZ Dafty News has learned that reports of animosity between Prince Andrew and his older brother, Charles, may be well-founded following a Buckingham Palace incident on Saturday night which ended with Andrew hurling a roast potato into the heir to the throne’s gravy, splashing his face and shirt.

A Palace insider told us: “Things have been pretty strained between Andrew and Charles of late. Andrew wants both his daughters’ future husbands to be given titles and Charles is not keen on the idea.

“Things got a bit heated at dinner on Saturday night when Andrew started flicking peas across the table at Charles.

“Charles told Andrew to ‘grow up’ and threatened to tell The Queen. He then placed a menu in front of his plate to deflect any further peas and got on with his dinner.

“Andrew then stood up and hurled a roast potato over the top of the menu onto Charles’ plate. The gravy went everywhere. Charles got some on his face and there were splashes all down his shirt. Even Camilla, who was sitting next to him, got some on her face and down the side of her arm.

“Andrew then called Charles a ‘fucking big head’ and told him that he didn’t ‘give a fuck’ if he told The Queen.

“He then stormed out, saying he was going for a ride in his helicopter and didn’t know what time he’d be back. The atmosphere after that was pretty grim I don’t mind admitting”

A Palace spokesman denied any rift between the royal brothers last night: “The relationship between Prince Edward and Prince Charles is as cordial as ever,” he said. “The dinner thing was just some good-natured horseplay. Andrew had probably had too much to drink”

He then confirmed that they will be visiting Scotland together later this week to kill some wild animals with guns.

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