Russian Hooligans Tell of Horror After Coming Face to Face With Joey Barton

RUSSIA’S notorious Ultra gang say they have never felt so terrified in their lives after bumping into Rangers new boy Joey Barton, it has been reported.

Barton was visiting his old friends in Marseille, home to his former club, when he confronted a tight army of skinheads from Moscow, according to witnesses.

One witness, who wished not to be named, told Dafty News: “It was terrifying. Joey Barton was minding his own business in a restaurant when at least 40 young well-organized thugs passed by. One of the young leaders of the gang spotted Barton and things began to heat up.”

According to local police, Barton stared at the 40-strong group before the group dispersed and scuttled into the dark alleys and corners of the night. It was clear the gang were terrified.

Gang member Vladimir Fucktovski spoke through an interpreter as he told Dafty News: “We pride ourselves in being the toughest hooligan unit in Europe but Joey Barton is one tough bastard who we simply cannot mess with.”

It’s not the first time this week that Joey Barton has behaved in an incredibly brave fashion. Just days ago he threatened opponents in the Scottish Premier League with a succession of two accurate passes per game and promises to keep the ball in play during cup games.

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