Scottish football fans seek consolation in the weather

by Danny SoZ

Millions of disappointed Scottish soccer fans were consoling themselves last night by putting aside their team’s miserable exit from the World Cup at the hands of Slovenia and looking forward to the warm and sunlit winter months to come.

Dafty News spoke to one Glaswegian man last night, who told us: “Aye, it wasnae a good nicht for the fitba, and if it were no’ fae the prospect o’ sunning mesell oot oan the balcony o’ me flat every day for the next 6 months, ah’d have given yon missus a good heidin’ and spent the next week or so oan the big boaz ginger, so ah wud”

Thousands of other Scots are consoling themselves by looking forward to cheering England on in the finals in Russia next June and are also gaining further comfort from the fact that Donald Trump has a Scottish mother.




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