Will Smith In ‘Big Ears’ Oscar Boycott

Screen legend, Will Smith, has announced that he will boycott this year’s Oscars ceremony due to the lack of nominees with big ears.

The 47-year-old star - whose own ears measure an eye-popping 17 and a half inches from top to lobe - issued an angry statement last night: “Big-eared actors have been prominent in the movies going right back to the days of silent film. I remember seeing a guy playing one of the Keystone Cops who looked like a taxi with the doors open, and let’s not forget the late, great, Clark Gable, who was regularly mistaken for The FA Cup.

“Until The Academy give the aurally gifted a fair crack of the whip, I for one will not be attending any awards ceremony.”

Smith’s decision is reminiscent of the boycott of the glittering ceremony in 1957 by On The Waterfront star, Karl Malden, who was protesting about the lack of nominees with big, pockmarked noses.







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