Snow plough uncovers Inverness family trapped in snow drift since 1963

by Danny SoZ

A snow plough yesterday unearthed a 1961 Zephyr Zodiac containing a family of 6 that had been stuck in a snow drift in Inverness since the big freeze of 1963.

The McDell family told rescuers that they had survived by drinking melted snow, obtained by winding the windows down, and by eating morsels of the leather trim from the door panels.

Tobias McDell, 106, who was rescued along with his wife, Lizzie, 102, and their 4 children, now all in their mid to late 70s, told reporters last night: “It was ok at first as we were confident of being rescued, but after a few years, it got pretty boring. We tried playing I-Spy, but there’s only so many guesses you can have at words beginning with s.”

Reports are coming in that the Dells have now asked to be reburied after spotting TV footage of the latest Brexit negotiations and a recent televised speech by US President, Donald Trump.

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