Syrian Refugees Saddened After Taylor Swift Gets Another Tattoo

THOUSANDS of misplaced, starving, and desperate refugees fleeing terror regions in Syria have expressed their sadness after pop icon Taylor Swift showed off a new tattoo, it has been reported.

Speaking outside a run-down hospital in the ISIS-captured city of Raqqa, Dafty News reporters cried as injured and sick women and children wept as the news of Swift’s tattoo was broken to them.

Volunteers say they have sent a message to terror leaders explaining to them that they are wrong to create widespread terror, inflicting misery on their very own citizens because there are far more important issues in the world to be getting on with.

It is not the first time a celebrity has sparked trauma.

Only last month thousands of starving women and children tried to flee their dictator in Africa but couldn’t find the energy to walk the 15-miles across the border after news broke out in their villages that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were to split, with a possible pending lawsuit to follow.

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