Taurus Horrorscopes for 2015


Love has always been difficult for you to find and even to hold onto. Your impatience gets the better of you and your higher tastes in the opposite sex actually block your way from finding true love. The best thing to do is lower your standards and lower your expectations even more because the lower you go the more realistic the chances will be of finding that perfect partner…if there is such a thing.


Over the past couple of years life hasn’t been very kind to you, has it? That’s because you deserve what you get in life. If you are an arse you will be rewarded with an arse life so you don’t have much to grump about. The beginning of the year fills you with hope and the want for a better way of life but as the second day in January begins you will learn there is no such thing as a better way of life coz this is the only one you have. The more you have in life the more miserable you become so it is best you don’t gain anything—except for more weight. Things look even bleaker for you right up until July but don’t panic, this rough ride will slow down again but will take a deep plunge in July right through until December 2016.


I wouldn’t worry about thinking of any kind of career if I were you – it will end up in tears and financial ruin. Get a low paid job and be happy with what you’ve got because the grass always seems greener on the other side but in your case the seeds haven’t even been planted yet.

All about Taureans:

Your loyalty always comes into question. Neither male nor female Taureans can be trusted or left with a task. You are also renowned for starting a project then you fail miserably to finish it. In fact, your bullish zodiac is just bullshit. You are a fake and a fraud. Do the world a favour and clip your horns – they are of no use, whatsoever.




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