Time Travel DOES Exist: After Woman Spotted Buying Next Month’s Special Offers in ALDI

THE world of time travel skeptics were this morning left with way past its sell by date egg on their face, after a woman was seen buying next month’s special offers in ALDI - long before the supermarket giant had even thought about their offers and price structures for March.

The woman, thought to be a hard-working mother-of-five and who didn’t take up any disabled parking spaces at the store, was snapped buying a range of ALDI specials that included: cleaning products from brands nobody has ever heard of, a pair of shoes she’ll most likely never wear, a few useless ornaments, a couple of children’s books and at least twenty-four bottles of wine.

It is thought the time travel woman was snapped by a single mother-of six after she pointed her smartphone camera to take images of men’s running clothing to show her boyfriend.

She told Dafty News: “I wanted to know if he’d like the running gear as the prices was slashed by at least 95%. As I was just about to send him the photo via WhatsApp I noticed this woman, like a ghost, walking right through the middle of the photo with a full trolley containing next month’s special offers.”

An ALDI spokesperson said they were studying CCTV footage of the woman but are already convinced the woman is a time traveller as she is known to many of their stores up and down the country - buying offers that are not even out yet.

Meanwhile time travel experts say they have examined footage before of the woman in ALDI and verify she is indeed a time traveller.

In the summer of 2015 she was captured on camera in a LIDL store buying up all the Christmas offers.




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