Virgo Horrorscopes for 2016


Virgos are in severe need of a new direction in love for 2016, The relationship you are in now is boring you and you need a fresh challenge. This is all very well if you can handle change but Virgos are not good at adapting. Single Virgos can enjoy some flirtatious moments in 2016 but they won’t amount to anything. Get out of your comfort zone, start an affair or just go promiscuous in 2016 for a while; it will remind you how much of a fraud love actually is.


Changes abound for Virgos in 2016 but you will first have to endure a bumpy road. For those thinking about moving the beginning of 2016 is the perfect time to make that move. However, by mid April you will be pining to come back to your roots again and realize that a change is only as good as a rest. The summer of 2016 will be a momentous time for you as you try to let the sun back into your life but you will still feel the dark from the fist part of the year. Nothing will faze from September until December but don’t let your guard down too easily…you have been warned!


Times have not been too kind to you on the career front and the news is…wait for this…they don’t look like getting any better. What you thought was a career turns out that it is only a posh name for slavery. It is an entrapment you cannot let go of. Don’t be persuaded by those who try to keep a positive light on things; invite a bit of doubt into your life…it keeps things real.

All about Virgos:

Everybody just loves to hate a Virgo – and who can blame them? Virgos are all talk and no action and when called upon you can often be seen fleeing your duties and fleecing your responsibilities. Virgos must be avoided – especially if you are another Virgo.




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