Woman EasyJet Passenger Hailed Hero After Finishing Her In-Flight Meal

A 43-YEAR-OLD easyJet passenger on route to a cheap holiday destination has been described an absolute hero after she ate her full in-flight meal, it has been revealed.

The drama was captured by astonished onlookers with their phones, who described the actions of the brave mother-of-four as ‘breathtaking’ and a ‘sheer act of human endurance’.

One passenger who was close to the woman, managed to shoot the whole footage on her smartphone before uploading to YouTube where the clip has been viewed a staggering 8 billion times.

She told Dafty News: “I was very fortunate to be the closest to the remarkable lady. I captured everything; even down to her drinking the coffee the flight attendants brought her. It has to be the bravest thing anyone has ever seen.”

As the plane landed the pilot and his crew congratulated the woman before giving her a standing ovation as she left the aircraft.




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