Woman’s Attempt to Leave Facebook Backfires After She is Forced to Return One Hour Later

A TWENTY-FIVE-YEAR-OLD woman from England was being comforted last night after her move to leave Facebook dramatically backfired, resulting in the pretty mum-of-two returning an hour later.

The woman had previously announced she was leaving Facebook due to ‘personal issues’ and ‘lots of things going on’ in her life was soon overwhelmed with likes and sympathetic responses.

It was thought she really was leaving Facebook but shortly afterwards she was back on the scene posting photos of her two children’s school sports day and selfies of her afternoon cupcake reunion club.

Facebook psychologist Deborah Frinklesteinhoffer told Dafty News: “Facebook is like alcohol in the respect that nobody, and I mean nobody, truly escapes it. There’s always that danger that lurks. One more comment, one more post, or even one last sneaky glance at your private messages could set you back on the road to destruction.”

It is not the first time the woman has failed on a promise made publicly. Only last month she threatened ‘never to shop in ALDI again’ but a few days later was captured on CCTV camera pushing a trolley with over £140 worth of produce inside the store.

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