Women Who Eat Pie and Mash During Pregnancy Run High Risk of Having a Baby Claims Shock Report

A recent survey conducted in a deprived area of East London by The Department of Health has revealed that women who eat the traditional, East London dish of pie and mash during pregnancy run an extremely high risk of having a baby at some point.

A spokesman for the DOH told us: “This study concludes beyond all doubt that women who eat pie and mash with liquor (parsley sauce) during pregnancy are running an extremely high risk of having a baby further on down the line. We are therefore urging all expectant mothers to take this information on board before going to a pie and mash shop or eating it at home. We’re not sure at this point if jellied eels have the same effect but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if they do.”

We spoke to one East London woman last night who was extremely sceptical of the findings.

Mrs Edith Toby, 87, from Poplar, said: “I’ve had 13 kids down the years and I don’t reckon it had anything to do with me eating pie and mash. I reckon it was because my Bert kept having his way with me every Friday night after he’d been down the pub.”




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